Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 1 Janani Iyer becomes Captain of the house

The most-awaited  Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan, is here! The 16 celebrity contestants have entered the Bigg Boss house. Day 1 started with the contestants being welcomed. All the contestants received their luggage.

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Balaji’s wife Nithya wake up early from the house, She spoke to her daughter Poshika in front of the camera in rest room. After some time Ananth Vaidyanathan talks about the husband and wife entry in to the house with Nithya, Nithya said we are not living together because of some personal reason.

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Ananth Vaidyanathan sing Ilayaraja songs with the house mates and later he gave training to Ponnambalam to sing a song.

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Danial and Senrayan ask for their luggage to Bigg Boss. All other contestants received their luggage. Later at the end of the day, they got their luggage in the storeroom.

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Ponnambalam read about the task letter. In the letter mentioned about house leader selection process. Then as per the task letter the contestants search for the envelopes in their house. First who find the envelopes they ll be contest for the leader.

First Mahath found the envelope followed by Janani Iyer then Mumtaz found the envelopes. They are asking vote for them from all other contastants. Finally the contestants went to confection room one by one and cast their votes for leader of the house.

Janani Iyer becomes leader of the first week in Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 with 8 votes. After that Bigg Boss explained about the rules and regulation for the contestants in the house  to Janani in person.

Janani selected prople for the cooking, Vessel cleaning and room cleaning team.

Cooking team Mumtaz, Nithya and Mahath, Vessel cleaning team Ananth, Ramya and Aishwarya, Room and bathroom cleaning team Daniel, Senrayan and Yaashika Aanand

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Earlier the day Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 contestants Oviya left the house.

Hope the season will be more exciting with the new contestants. All the age group are in the house. Will the celebrities be able to sustain their patience and overcome all challenges? Let’s wait and watch.