Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 11 Balaji & His Wife Nithya Fight Continues

On day 11, the slaves wake up earlier before masters as they had to make breakfast and tea ready for the masters. Senrayan tried to convince Nithya about  her husband, Balaji activities.

Finally Bigg Boss ends the master vs slave task and asks the masters team to select one bad slave and one good master. The masters team select Danial as a good master and Nithya as bad slave. Nithya is directly nominated to the next week eviction process.


Bigg Boss announced the next luxury budget task. The women in the house become the masters, and men become slaves. Balaji continues to use abusive words against Nithya even he is a slave.

Nithya cried in front of Mumtaz and said that it looked to her like housemates were targeting her. Mumtaz tried to convince her. But she is not convinced.

Bigg Boss announced the new task for the slaves. The men slaves are informed to sing, dance and make to entertain their masters.

The task began with Ponnambalam dance followed by Mahath, Shariq and Ananth Vaidhyanathan dance. Then Danial and Balaji act as housemates.

Ponnambalam, Senrayan win prizes for the task and the day comes to an end.