Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 13 Ponnambalam Saved from this week Eviction

Day 13 begins with Kamal Haasan speaking about the housemates not obeying rules and regulations of the house. Then he recaps of everything that happened in the week that passed by. Then audience shoots the questions to Kamal about the show and Why the show gives much attention to Balaji and Nithya. Kamal Haasan answered all the questions asked by the audience.

Then Kamal speaks to the housemates ones by one. Kamal Hassan starts with Senrayan followed by Shariq, Vaishanavi. Kamal Haasan asking each housemate in the house to explain the story behind their screen grabs.

First, Kamal Haasan plays the video “Kurum Padam” of Nithya performing all her tasks. He then asks the question to the housemates and asks them how her performance was lesser than anyone. Kamal then plays the video of Balaji abusing his wife Nithya, speaking ill of her to others and questions Balaji’s behaviour.


Kamal speaks to Mumtaz and he starts off by telling her that it is against the rules to remove the mic. Any medical emergency to the housemate outside through the mic and by removing it, she has done a big mistake. She tries to tell the reason for that, but Kamal Haasan asks her to remove the mic and leave the place until she is called upon. Mumtaz went to the garden area when other housemates are speaking with Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan also told to Balaji that it is important to behave and speak respectfully and says that Balaji might lose his daughter’s respect with his attitude. Kamal Haasan asks nominated contestants to stand. Ananth Vaidyanathan, Ponnambalam and Mamathi stands, Mumtaz is not in the gathering. He informs the housemates that Ponnambalam has been saved from this week’s eviction process. Today episode Kamal Hassan going to reveals that the music of Vishwaroopam 2. The episode comes to the end.