Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 2 First Luxury Budget Task

On the second day at the Bigg Boss house, the contestants were trying to acclimate themselves to their new home where they will be locked up for about 100 days.

Aishwarya Dutta and Yaashika Aanand dance in the bedroom for the Tamil songs, all other contestants watch their performanes, at the end Danial also join with them and dance.

(Pic : Vijay Television Twitter )

Mumtaj and Mamathi Chari discuss about the rationing in food items like egg and other things because with in two days the egg and other products are going to finish.

After that Mumtaj discuss about the difficulty to handle the house mates about the cooking and give some suggestion to handle that. Then Rithvika discussed about the vessel cleaning process issues and also she gave some tips to avoid that.

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Janani read about the first luxury budget task details in front of all the house mates. Each house mates have the envelopes and they have writter some thing over there. They should give genuine answer. If its not a genuine answer then Bigg Boss will reduce the point for the task.

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Shariq Hassan said i would like to date with Aishwarya,  Mumtaj said she is getting irritated by Danial, Thadi Balaji likes innocent of Senrayan among the house mates.

Janani Iyer  discuss with the house mates about her activities as a house leader. Mumtaj, Janani and other  house mates discuss about their characteristics in the dining table, in this discussion most of the female house mates joined.


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Aishwarya and Yashika discussed  about the game strategy of others and their strategy. How the house mates treat Yashika and how she handle them like many thing they were discussed at the house.

Bigg Boss announced the house mates got full luxary task point because of the leader Janani Iyer all contestant give the the genuine answer.

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Bigg Boss gave the second task for the house mates name Feela! Peela!, The task will start tomorrow.

Shariq, Mamathi and Vaishnavi are discussed in the late night at the outside of the house, They are discussed about the Thadi Balaji and Nithya relationship.