Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 20 Mumtaz saved from Eviction, Who will eliminate today?

On Day 20, Kamal Hassan began with the housemates’ emotional speech in the last episode. Then Kamal recap the last week housemates activities. After that audience of the show shoot out some questions to Kamal Haasan, One asked If you are a Bigg Boss contestant how you react inside the house. Kamal Haasan answered that I will be like what I am, I won’t change my characteristics also I will ask more questions.


The last episode Bigg Boss announced to the housemates to share their feelings about the people that they miss and love most in the house and to tell about a short note to one of them, which will be delivered along with a heart-shaped gift. Kamal Hassan asked about this task to Danial, he speaks about his late father while speaking Danial cried after that Kamal Hassan also cried and he said I am also your father.

After Danial, Kamal Haasan asked about the task to Nithya, Balaji, Rithvika who gets more emotional during their speech.

Kamal asked Shariq to get the set of flowers from the storeroom. Shariq gets the bunch of roses with red and black colors. Each housemate got two flowers, one is red another one is black. Then Kamal asked housemates to give a red color rose to whom they love more, give black color rose whom they don’t like their behavior and activity. End of this Nithya got 3 red roses, Balaji got 3 black roses and Rithvika got no roses.

Janani, Nithya, and Vaishnavi are the three captains of the house as of now. Kamal Hassan asked the housemates to give rank to the captains. Finally, Janani got 1st rank, followed by Nithya and Vaishnavi. But the Bigg Boss gave the rank as Vaishnavi got the 1st rank followed by Nithya and Janani.

In the nomination process, housemates chose Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, and Balaji. Ananth and Nithya have chosen to eviction process directly as a result of the master and slave task. Vaishnavi the leader of the house because of that she will not be eligible for elimination in this week. Daniel and Rithvika both are saved because of their performance in the master and slave luxury budget.

Kamal Haasan announced that Mumtaz is saved from this week elimination process as she got more votes than other contestants. The episode comes to an end.  So let’s wait, who will eliminate from the house?