Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 23 Starts With Police and Thief Luxury Task

On Day 22, Vaishnavi and Senrayan speak about the last episode task, Senrayan said that I can lift the girls even they are so weight. Senrayan asked Ponnambalam about the task, he said that I can win in the night time, not in the daytime. because I eat more at the night time. Vaishnavi said that it’s not the correct way to speak, don’t speak in double meaning. Ponnambalm replied that I just answer your question that’s it not more than that.

Later Vaishnavi informs the same to Janani who laid down in the bed, after that she shared with Mahath and Danial. Senrayan tensed because Vaishnavi shared the things with everybody. He felt bad about her behavior. Then Senrayan shared the incident with Balaji and Nithya.

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Bigg Boss announces the first luxury task for the week. Janani reads about the rules and regulation of the task. During this Mahath scolded Yashika but she does not respond to that. Then Mahath tensed because of her activities. He left the living area and went to the bedroom. Janani and other housemates are going to the bedroom and try to convince Mahath, Finally, he came back to the living area.

Then Janani started reading the task, The task is between police and thief. Mumtaz, Senrayan, and Mahath will be playing as police. Yashika, Aishwarya, and Danial will be playing as the thief and other housemates playing as a common man in the house. Police can order the housemates and thieves if they are not obeying the orders they should pay the fine for that.

Bigg Boss gave instructions to the thieves to steal some things from the house, they have instructed to steal the housemates’ personal belongings. The big box kept in the garden area where they keep the stolen things. Once the thieves stole the things and kept in the box, no one can touch those things.

Danial, Aishwarya, and Yashika stolen some things and kept in the box. The police save the common people in the house from the thieves. But still, they have stolen things from the house. Mumtaz caught Yashika from the bedroom while she steals the thing and sends her to the jail.

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The police and thieves task continues. The housemates are not happy with Mahath activities who is always get tensed. The episode comes to an end for the day.