Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 24 Ramya Dismissed from Captain of the house

On Day 24, police and thief luxury task continues this episode also. The task is between police and thief. Mumtaz, Senrayan, and Mahath will be playing as police. Yashika, Aishwarya, and Danial will be playing as the thief and other housemates playing as a common man in the house. Police can order the housemates and thieves if they are not obeying the orders they should pay the fine for that.

Danial, Aishwarya, and Yashika stolen some things and kept in the box. The police save the common people in the house from the thieves. But still, they have stolen things from the house.

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Initially, the housemates began to play the game with interest and enthusiasm, however, the ongoing issue of Mahat speaking an abusive word and fight with Balaji, these activities distracted them. Later Balaji told that no food for the police team if they do not pay money also he used some abusive words. Whenever Mahat loses his temper, he will start to fight with somebody and speaking an abusive word. All the housemates are not like his activity.

Mumtaz and Mahath decided to do not have food for the day to save money. But Senrayan is not ok with this because he wants to eat food. He feels how to manage without food for the whole day. But he managed to accept this deal. Mumtaz finds that Nithya is not wearing the mike, she asked fine for that, the public people that are housemates refused to pay the fine. Then Mahath jailed Nithya because they are not ready to pay the fine.

Mumtaz made a deal with thieves and get three apples from them because from morning they have not eaten food. But Janani and Ramya from the public side said that it is against the rules of the task. The food items handled by the public only. If police find that need to return back to the public. Mumtaz refused to accept this. Then Ramya and team announced that we are not part of the task. Mahath made a deal with the public, if they want to release Nithya from the jail they should give food to police and thieves without money. They have accepted the deal, Nithya has released from the jail.

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to gather in the living area. He stated that the public team is not playing well in the task. They have not followed the rules and regulation. As a captain, Ramya should control the public but she is not. Bigg boss decided to dismiss Ramya from her role as a captain. All the housemates get shocked. Bigg boss praised the thieves team because they did their task very well. Bigg boss asked someone to guide the public team, Nithya came forward and stepping into captain role.

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The police and thieves task continues. The housemates are not happy with Mahath activities who is always get tensed. The episode comes to an end for the day.