Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 25 Police and Thief Task Continues, Mahath gets jailed

On Day 25, police and thief luxury task continues in the third day. The luxury task is between police, thief, and public. Mumtaz, Senrayan, and Mahath will be playing as police. Yashika, Aishwarya, and Danial will be playing as the thief and other housemates playing as a public in the house.

Vaishnavi went to the restroom where thieves team are sitting over there. Danial kidding Vaishnavi by telling something, She is not like Danny’s activities, Then she came back from the restroom and complained to Mahath about Danial activities in the restroom. Mahath asked Danial and other thieves about Vaishnavi complaint. They said that we simply speak to our team. we have not teased her. Vaishnavi discussed the same thing with Janani and Balaji in the kitchen area.

Senrayan was especially disappointed about not getting lemon and curd from the public team. They were asked money for that things, but Senrayan does not have money with him. Then he asked Mumtaz who handles the money in the police team. But she refused to give the money to him, Then he complained to Mahath who is head of the police team. Then he told that Mumtaz spent money on her own things, you can also get money for your own needs, Finally, Senrayan got money from Mumtaz.


Danial, Aishwarya, and Yashika today they have stolen the board from the police station and some of the cooking things from the kitchen and kept those things in the garden area. The police should save the public people in the house from the thieves. But still, they have stolen things from the house.

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to gather in the living area. Then bigg boss announced that Janani will act as the leader (Oor Thalaivar) for the house. Then Janani asked the police team about their difficulties followed by public and thieves. Then she asked all the teams who are not performing the task and not following the rules and regulations. Most of the people told that Mahath and Mumtaz are not doing their work properly. Mahath said that I am the person not follow the rules and regulations properly. Finally, Janani decided that send Mahath to Jail.


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The police and thieves task continues. The public team housemates are not happy with Mumtaz activities who is always argued with public people. The episode comes to an end for the day.