Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 29 Mahath becomes New Captain of the house

On Day 29, Daniel and Shariq are cooking breakfast for the housemates. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to gather in the living area. Bigg Boss stated that in the final week of the season, there will be three housemates in the house. If you are one of the final contestant then who will be the other two contestants. Ponnambalam said that he will be with Janani and Rithvika will be in the final week. Most of the housemates said Yashika name, no one said Mumtaz name.

Balaji and Rithvika discuss about Mumtaz behavior over the housemates. Still most of the housemates not like Mumtaz activities. Balaji said that while Nithya left the house, Mumtaz is cried, But it is not a real emotion. Rithvika replied that no one chose her name for the final week.

Then Bigg Boss announced that the housemates to enter the house and get the three rose garlands (Poo Malai) kept in the house. Then they need to give that rose garlands to one of the housemates who will be taking part in the captaincy task for this week. Balaji, Mahath, and Shariq got the garlands from the housemates. Bigg Boss announced that each contestant get one person for support. Balaji asked Janani support, Mahath asked Senrayan and Shariq asked Yashika support.

Then the contestants are tied with a metal chain and locked with the lock, then they kept the keys in the swimming pool. Now the supporters get the key from the swimming pool and unlock the contestants. Who will get unlock first, he will be the captain of the house for this week. End of the task Mahath got announced as the fifth captain of the house and also the first captain from the men side.

Mahath complained about Vaishnavi activities in the kitchen area which is not good. Janani discussed regarding this with Vaishnavi, she said “I speak with him normal only. I am not responsible what he is thinking about me.”

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The nomination process for the eviction started in the confession room, housemates choose Ponnambalam, Aishwarya, Janani, and Balaji. Ramya has chosen to eviction process directly as a result of the luxury task. Mahath the leader of the house because of that he will not be eligible for elimination in this week.

Finally, the nomination process comes to an end, This week Aishwarya, Janani, Ramya, Balaji, and Ponnambalam are nominated. The episode comes to an end for the day.