Bigg Boss Tamil 2 On Day 3 Focus on Balaji, Nithya and Onion

On Day 3, day start with  the wake up song Sodakku Mela Sodakku Poduven, all the house mates dance in the house.

Balaji and Ananth discussed about some person who is involved in Balaji’s life. Ananth advised him about the life.

Balaji asked to Nithya to add the onion in to carrot poriyal. But Nithya avoiding to add the onion. Mahath also asked Nithya to add the onion but she refused to add.

Luxary budget task 2 feela peela started in living area. House leader janani read about the rules and regulations for that task.Nithya said some caterpillar story, followed her Balaji told one family story. Feela peela tasks result is announced by Bigg Boss and the house mates won 800 points.

Today all the house mates are talk about the Onion only. Ananth said to Balaji about Nithya avoiding the onion is not a correct decision.

Mumtaz  and Balaji discussed about the real life and status of their divorce. Balaji said Nithya only filed divorce and I am not willing to give.

Aishwarya and Yashika sit with Balaji and discussed with him. Balaji not have lunch for the day because of the onion issue.

Vaishanavi, Senrayan and others try to convince Balaji but he is not convinced. Mutaz and Mamathi discuss about Nithya activity in the rest room.

Nithya called all the house mates to the dinning table and start speak about the cooking team difficulties. If leader likes she wants to change the team. Then Mahath and Mumtaj started the discussion to the next level. After that whole time discuss about the cooking.

Hope the season will be more exciting with the contestants in coming days.  Will the celebrities be able to sustain their patience and overcome all challenges? Let’s wait and watch.