Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 37 Fights between Housemates, Mahath still in jail

On Day 37, There is no captain in the house this week as a result of punishment given by the bigg boss to the housemates. Aishwarya asked Yashika to start speaking with other inmates too. Because Yashika has the habit of speaking only with her group.

Bigg announced the new task for the day named Enga Area Ulla Varadhae, Daniel read the rules and regulations about the task.

For this new task, the house will be divided into groups in the different parts of the Bigg Boss house including the Dining table, Kitchen, garden, living area, bedroom, and bathroom. To possess ownership of each area, one task would be given to inmates.

Housemates are divided into 2 teams named A and B, with Mumtaz and Janani being the captain. Shariq would be the judge. Mumtaz selected  Yashika, Rithvika, Vaishnavi, and Balaji for her team A. Janani’s B team comprised of Daniel, Aishwarya, Senrayan, and Ponnambalam.

First eating task Janani’s A team owns a kitchen and dining area. The next task named Kargil Divas was given to the housemates. In this task, the inmates had to do tiring works. Again Janani’s A team won in this task too.

During this tasks, there is lot of fight between housemates. Aishwarya broke down because of a misunderstanding with Rithvika. This turned into a huge fight. When Janani tried to convince Rithvika about the issue, Rithvika broke down.

Mahath is settled in jail for past 2 days, he that said he loves Bigg Boss for protecting him by putting him in the jail. Because, Mahath felt that, if he was not in the jail he could have got excited about fights.

Again fight started in the house, this time fight between Mumtaz and Janani regarding the mini task. Nowadays the bigg boss inmates are reacting more to simple things. The episode comes to an end.