Bigg Boss Tamil 2 On Day 6 – Kamal Hassan Advised to Vaishnavi and Nithya

On Day 6, Kamal Hassan recap the one-week footage of the Bigg Boss House. Kamal Hassan started to talk with housemates through the TV, Kamal usually called as Agam TV.

Kamal Hassan started with Balaji and ask about their activities in the house last week. All the housemates told that they are happy in the house there is no issue with the housemates.

Kamal Hassan spoke with Senrayan in English, he is not able to understand kamal’s conversation. Then Kamal noticed that Senrayan usually speaks in English with Bigg Boss in front of the camera, that communication is not understandable. Kamal Hassan asked Senrayan spoke with Bigg Boss which language you are comfortable.

Shariq Hassan compared Mumtaz with his mother after hearing that Mumtaz started crying. Shariq also started crying. Then Kamal Hassan convinced them. Kamal Hassan asked Janani the captain of the house about the housemate performance.

Janani started speaking about the housemate activities in the past week. She explained how the team has been formed, how the housemates split into teams. Mumtaz and Nithya voluntarily join in the cooking team and also Senrayan voluntarily join in the bathroom cleaning team. Kamal Hassan gave special appreciation to the cleaning team.

Kamal Hassan asked about the Sonna Padi Kelu luxury task to Janani. Janani said that most of the contestants did the task perfectly except Balaji, Vaishanavi, Aishwarya, and Ramya.

Kamal Hassan asked about the Onion issue to the housemates. Captain of the house Janani narrated the issue, Nithya is asked to cook a meal of her choice. Balaji notices that the quantity of carrots is less and may not be enough for the 16 of them and suggests to Mahat that they add onions. For some reason, Nithya refuses to do the same. The other housemates come forward and try to convince her that this is not a task, but a genuine concern as there might not be enough food for the house. Yet, Nithya is stubborn and won’t agree.

Kamal Hassan asked about the Onion issue to Nithya, She said, I thought that is the task and also most of the housemates push me to add onion. That is the main reason I was not added onion. Now I felt bad about that issue and she asked sorry to housemates and Kamal Hassan.

Nithya said that most of the housemates cornered me. They do not speak to me because I am not a celebrity. Kamal Hassan advised that all people are celebrity don’t feel like that. Balaji said that I treat Nithya as a co-contestant only. I do not treat her as a wife.

Kamal Hassan said that people think the Bigg Boss season 2 is like Bigg Boss season 1. But this is an entirely different show.

Will the celebrities be able to sustain their patience and overcome all challenges? Let’s wait and watch.

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