Bigg Boss Tamil 2: On Day 65 Housemates got awards from others in Bigg Boss House

Day 65, Starts with Mukabula wake-up song, after long gap Mumtaz showed her dance steps to the housemates. Most of the  housemates made fun of Mumtaz about her dancing even she have hip pain.

Bigg Boss announced the new task for the day named Nerukku Ner, Daniel read out the rules and regulation for the task. Bigg boss given a chance to Yashika for  expressing her grudge and ask explanations from housemates for those issues.

Bigg boss made court set up in the activity area, Yashika asked about her personnel issues happened with the housemates, the other housemates gave the justifications from their side. When Mahath come, she asked about their relationship, He accepted that he still has love for Yashika. Yashika too said that she has love for Mahath.

Bigg boss announces the next task for the day named  Bigg Boss Awards. Janani read out the rules for the task. Mumtaz gave Donkey awards to Aishwarya gave Snake awards to Mumtaz, Senrayan gave fox awards to Daniel and so on. The episode comes to an end.