Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Week 12, Who will get eliminated from the house?

Janani nominated Aishwarya and Senrayan. Balaji selected Mumtaz, Aishwarya. Mumtaz nominated Vijayalakshmi, Aishwarya. Rithvika selected Aishwarya, Mumtaz. Vijaya Lakshmi selected Aishwarya, Mumtaz. Senrayan nominated Janani and Mumtaz. Aishwarya nominated Janani, and Vijaya Lakshmi. Yashika nominated Balaji and Senrayan.

In this week eviction process  Janani, Vijaya Lakshmi, Senrayan, Mumtaz, Aishwarya Dutta are nominated. Yashika the captain of the house because of that she will not be eligible for elimination in this week.

You can give your choice for this week elimination in below comment box.