Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Week 3, Who will get eliminated from the house?

In this week eviction process, Sakshi nominated Madhumitha and Saravanan. Sherin selected Madhumitha and Meera Mithun. Reshma nominated Madhumitha and Saravanan. Vanitha selected Madhumitha and Saravanan. Mugen Rao selected Meera Mithun and Vanitha. Kavin selected Meera Mithun and Vanitha. Losliya selected Mohan Vaidya and Vanitha. Sandy nominated Vanitha and Meera Mithun. Saravanan selected Mohan Vaidya and Vanitha.

Cheran selected Meera Mithun and Vanitha. Meera Mithun nominated Madhumitha and Losliya. Mohan Vaidya selected Madhumitha and Saravanan. Tharshan nominated Vanitha and Meera Mithun. Madhumitha nominated Sakshi and Sherin. Abhirami selected Meera Mithun and Madhumitha.

Abhirami is captain of the house because of that she will not be eligible for elimination in this week. Finally, the nomination process comes to an end, Bigg Boss announced that this week Meera Mithun, Madhumitha, Vanitha, Saravanan and Mohan Vaidya are nominated.

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